CEO Arzopedia


Founder & MD

With over 25 years of rich multi-continent experience in the real estate industry within Pakistan, Turkey and Dubai, Imran Agha - Founder and Managing Director of “” seeks to establish complete real estate solutions with transparency and integrity to local and overseas clients. He holds credit for various mega projects finished and delivered worldwide. To his vision, Arzopedia is made as the cutting-edge real estate platform for Pakistan to provide safe, transparent, and trustworthy property transactions with the focus on result-oriented profitable deals.

With his key strength in the real estate sector of Pakistan, Dubai, and Turkey; he is focused on conveying excellence through modern real estate solutions. He plans to develop Arzopedia as a best-in-class imaginative organization managing into the most solid and reliable ventures all the while introducing sustainable development in Pakistan. He believes in teamwork and empowers his co-workers for cooperative decision-making.


Founder & CEO

A seasoned real estate professional Asad Shah -Founder and CEO of with over 25 years of experience in the UAE is now aiming to establish next-generation real estate developments in Pakistan. Mr. Asad has focused his energy, skills, and expertise on developing his company by investing in modern design, sustainability and human resources. His strong vision, dedication, and excellent leadership qualities with the blend of an idea of transforming Pakistan through the real estate sector made the existence of possible.

He believes in the deliverance of high standards of expertise with dedication and a process-oriented approach. His focus on research and development are one of the prime factors that he has been able to deliver state of the art commercial and residential real estate developments. He believes that the time for real estate in Pakistan is now and firmly works for a better future for our future generations.

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